GHOSTsTALKER’s Authentic Approach to Social Media for Musicians

Sort of found my social media ‘flow’ for my music project if this helps anyone. Here is how I approach different social media platforms and content. YOUTUBE: My YouTube Channel teaches people how to use gear (synths, guitars, DAW tips, pedals, etc) I use my music from my project as examples of the gear beingContinue reading “GHOSTsTALKER’s Authentic Approach to Social Media for Musicians”

Rhinestone Pickup Truck’s New Single “Friends” is an Apology You’ll Gladly Accept

Maybe you flaked out last minute. Maybe you left them on read. Maybe you can’t keep up and you’re letting everyone down. You never go out anymore anyway and when you do you don’t contribute anything meaningful or uplifting to the vibe. You’re a hollow skeleton roaming through modern life alone with a big fakeContinue reading “Rhinestone Pickup Truck’s New Single “Friends” is an Apology You’ll Gladly Accept”

This Next One is About Why Your Banter Between Songs is Important

It’s Friday night and your band just finished the first song in your carefully curated six song set. You played so well that people actually came back inside from their smoke break to see your performance. The small but dedicated crowd has formed and now they are ready for more music. Okay, perfect. You knowContinue reading “This Next One is About Why Your Banter Between Songs is Important”

The Perks of Being a Jack of All Trades, Master of None

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?Some of us had an idea, stuck with it, and who they imagined themselves growing up to be became a self-fulfilling prophecy. For everyone else there’s Master Card – and an ever-present cloud of existential dread supported by a preoccupied mindContinue reading “The Perks of Being a Jack of All Trades, Master of None”

Confession: I Care About What Others Think – Now What?

“Don’t care about what others think!” is terrible advice. It’s short, simple, hollow, and easily thrown around by people who obviously don’t put themselves in other people’s shoes – so at least they’re being honest. Maybe I’m projecting, but I feel like the people who give this advice also have a large, engaged, and adoringContinue reading “Confession: I Care About What Others Think – Now What?”

Did Shakespeare See Himself as a Plant?

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet there is a scene where Hamlet lectures a group of actors who are about to perform for his father. In his little pep-talk he mentions they are to “hold a mirror up to nature” – a statement that has always stuck with me as an artist. I don’t think Hamlet expected hisContinue reading “Did Shakespeare See Himself as a Plant?”

Creativity Isn’t a Muscle – It’s a Cat!

More gyms need felines. I think it would humble any gym member to see an unimpressed cat staring at you while you’re doing your impressive curls and deadlift reps. Plus, all the cat hair would actually get people to wipe down the damn equipment before use. I think we’re on to something, just sign thisContinue reading “Creativity Isn’t a Muscle – It’s a Cat!”

If You’re a Starving Artist… You’re Not Hungry Enough

Imagine you’re stranded on a deserted island and haven’t eaten anything in weeks. One day while you’re going over your new poem with your Volley-Ball-Headed friend, Wilson, a cargo container falls out of the sky and lands directly on your now deflated friend. Upon impact, the container busts open and you discover it is fullContinue reading “If You’re a Starving Artist… You’re Not Hungry Enough”

Getting Paid in Exposure is Okay – Being Manipulated is Not

There are seasons in my life where it feels like everyone is asking me “Are you going to keep renting? Have you thought about buying a house? Why would you just throw money away renting when you could throw it away on home repairs and HOA fees?” After the bombardment of questioning has settled, IContinue reading “Getting Paid in Exposure is Okay – Being Manipulated is Not”

Local Gigs Suck (and It’s Not The Band’s Fault)

I typically get off work at 5pm. My dog has been in the house by herself for the past 8 hours. I’m fortunate enough to live close to where I work so I pick her up at 5:20pm and take her to the dog park where she trades her 8 hours of being alone forContinue reading “Local Gigs Suck (and It’s Not The Band’s Fault)”