We Make Band Tees Your Fans Will Love.

$9 total per shirt
One Color Design
Free design assistance

(or provide your own art)

100% Cotton Unisex T-Shirts
Short Sleeve – Crew Neck
Sizes Small-3XL

25 shirt minimum for first order
8 shirt minimum after first order

Based out of Asheville, NC / Black Mountain, NC
Shipping options available ($10 per shirt)

email contact@mythicmerch.com
or fill out the form below to get your order started today.


The Process:
1. Art: Have art created (or submit your own). Bold one color designs only – max dimensions are 10inches by 13inches. Mythic Merch will look over everything and provide you with a mockup of what the finished shirt will look like.
2. Sizes:
Tell us what sizes you need.
Example order for a 32 shirt run for a band:
S: 5
M: 5
L: 10
XL: 10
XXL: 2
For most bands Larges and XLs will sell the most, but it depends on your audience.
3. Screen Creation: Screens are usually burned on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays. Shirts are printed on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings.
Mythic Merch will burn the screen of your design and send you a picture of it. Once you’ve received the picture of your screen payment in full is required before printing begins.
4. Payment: You can pay your total via venmo (@mythicmerch) or PayPal. Cash or Check must be paid upfront before printing begins.
5. Print: Once total payment is received the shirts will be printed. Mythic Merch projects are usually printed every Saturday and/or Sunday morning.
6. Pickup: Once payment is received your shirts will be printed and ready for pick up at our space in downtown Black Mountain, NC. Open everyday 10am to 5pm.


We Make Band Tees (and Other Things) Your Fans Will Love.

Mythic Merch is a graphic design, photo/video, and merch service that is all about the creative underground culture in all its forms from musicians/bands, to businesses with an edge, and everything in between.

We believe your mythology should be shared with the world. Let’s create some merch together that tells your story.

Whether it’s through affordable 
screen printed apparelcustom designs, or photo/video production
Mythic Merch has you covered.

Contact us now to get started:

email contact@mythicmerchmerch.com or fill out the form below:

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