Rhinestone Pickup Truck’s New Single “Friends” is an Apology You’ll Gladly Accept

Maybe you flaked out last minute. Maybe you left them on read. Maybe you can’t keep up and you’re letting everyone down. You never go out anymore anyway and when you do you don’t contribute anything meaningful or uplifting to the vibe.

You’re a hollow skeleton roaming through modern life alone with a big fake exposed smile. As you wonder through rock and roll haunts, empty streets void of friends, and back to your pad, a song has been stuck in your head – that song is “Friends” by Rhinestone Pickup Truck.

The song reminds you of everyone you’ve been meaning to talk to and hang out with. It has become quite the long list. It’s exhausting and overwhelming. You could reach out, but it could just open up a whole can of worms. You know it’s easier to just stay in, work on that new song, or just endlessly scroll through your phone.

‘Liking’ your friends’ posts counts as being an engaged friend right?

Who are you kidding? Look at yourself. You’re losing all your friends. Just be real about it. You’re not a social butterfly anymore. It’s time to own up to your flaws. Let it all out. The song in your head is an apology.

Hopefully we can all be kind to one another, learn to forgive, and understand each other. If you’re not sure what to say to the people you’ve lost touch with – just send them “Friends” by Rhinestone Pickup Truck. It might just be an apology they’ll gladly accept.

More about Rhinestone Pickup Truck:

Featured photo by Geddi Monroe

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