Creativity Isn’t a Muscle – It’s a Cat!

More gyms need felines.
I think it would humble any gym member to see an unimpressed cat staring at you while you’re doing your impressive curls and deadlift reps.
Plus, all the cat hair would actually get people to wipe down the damn equipment before use.
I think we’re on to something, just sign this document, convince a majority of your gullible family and friends to invest, and you too can own your own business with Feline Fitness LLC… It’s totally not a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme. I swear.

Do You Even Create, Bro?
Muscles, for the most part, make sense. You move them, they work. You move them with intention they grow and change with intention. With some hard work and determination you can achieve the results you are looking for.

Creativity, let’s be honest with ourselves, isn’t like a muscle. We’ve all done it, you’ve set up a system, signed up for the course on Skillshare, put together a little encouraging art area with a token and your magic mantra written on the wall…
But your ‘after picture’ might as well be a mirror held up to your ‘before picture’.

Maybe your aren’t working at it hard enough, maybe you need some questionable enhancement vitamins that fitness dude posts about every three posts on his instagram, or maybe what you really need is to take some time and play with a cat.

Don’t Play with the Cat – Let the Cat Play with You
For the most part, you don’t just chug a cup of coffee, run up to a cat, lift it in your hands and shake it. That might be how you approach working out, but that is not how you approach playing with a cat.

How do you play with a cat?
The same way you should be playing with your creativity.
You have to woo it. You let it know of your presence and let it come to you. When it brushes against your leg and makes an inviting sound, you can assistant it by lifting it up and setting it in your lap. The key is being gentle.

“But my creativity – I mean cat – is an asshole! What am I to do?”
Say to Hell with it and walk away. Go to another room.
Trust that it will follow you.

This is how it likes to play.

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