The Mythic Merch Process

The Process:

1. Art: 
Have art created (or submit your own). Bold one color designs only – max dimensions are 10inches by 13inches. Mythic Merch will look over everything and provide you with a mockup of what the finished shirt will look like.
2. Sizes:
Tell us what sizes you need.
Example order for a 32 shirt run for a band:
S: 5
M: 5
L: 10
XL: 10
XXL: 2
For most bands Larges and XLs will sell the most, but it depends on your audience.
3. Screen Creation: 
Screens are usually burned on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays. Shirts are printed on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings.
Mythic Merch will burn the screen of your design and send you a picture of it. Once you’ve received the picture of your screen payment in full is required before printing begins.
4. Payment: 
You can pay your total via venmo (@mythicmerch) or PayPal. Cash or Check must be paid upfront before printing begins.
5. Print: 
Once total payment is received the shirts will be printed. Mythic Merch projects are usually printed every Saturday and/or Sunday morning.
6. Pickup: 
Once payment is received your shirts will be printed and ready for pick up at our space in downtown Black Mountain, NC. Open everyday 10am to 5pm.