GHOSTsTALKER’s Authentic Approach to Social Media for Musicians

Sort of found my social media ‘flow’ for my music project if this helps anyone. Here is how I approach different social media platforms and content.

YOUTUBE: My YouTube Channel teaches people how to use gear (synths, guitars, DAW tips, pedals, etc) I use my music from my project as examples of the gear being implemented and have links in my video descriptions. When I release a new song/music video I upload them on this channel as well (including links to the track on Spotify in the video description). Tutorials & Covers get the most views, but Subscribers definitely trickle over to my original music I upload there.

TWITTER: I use my twitter account mainly for the ‘quote tweet’ feature and use them as prompts for my opinions related to music, music production, my opinions on the genre I’m in, topics related to my project, sometimes personal stuff. I then screenshot my tweet and crop it so I can upload it to my Instagram Stories using the ‘Music’ Sticker to embed my current single I’m promoting. I do this A LOT.

INSTAGRAM: I’ve completely pivoted my instagram to focus on Reels. My reels are 20 to 30 second guitar performance videos using my webcam on the top half of the video and my daw/ezdrummer on the bottom half (using OBS desktop software to record all this). I then send the file to my phone and upload it Instagram Reels. I put some intriguing text on top of it – nothing cringe just something that is short and positive like “Can’t Stop Playing This Riff'”. I might use the same text as the caption, or something more in-depth for the caption, or no caption at all. I make sure the reel is accessible on Facebook (check your Reels settings) and use 3 relevant hashtags. I make sure it gets shared as a post and I also share it to my stories. I’ve noticed the best time to posts these Reels are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights a little after 8pm EST. Monday night being the highest peak as far as views and engagement goes then it gets weaker after that. (I don’t mess with TikTok or YouTube Shorts, but I’m sure this content approach probably works the same there too)

BANDCAMP: I am very ‘set it and forget it’ with bandcamp. I upload my music there and have a ‘name your price’ for my music. I view Bandcamp as a tip jar basically (Since you can stream it anywhere else for free). I also have merch listed on bandcamp at set prices that cover my costs and have some margin. I use Printify to produce and drop ship my merch whenever someone makes a merch order on bandcamp. (I sell the most merch at live shows, using shirts printed by Mythic Merch – very rare I sell merch online).

REDBUBBLE: Redbubble is stupid simple and I mainly use it if anyone messages me about wanting to buy merch I just send them my redbubble link and they can choose all sorts of stuff. I don’t have to think about it and every now and then I see like $3.75 in my paypal account from Redbubble because a GHOSTsTALKER shirt sold while I was sleeping.

SOUNDCLOUD: I use soundcloud mainly to post ‘works in progress’ or demos. I make sure the titles of my ideas are ridiculous as possible and the cover art some weird meme/deep fried meme/ a pic from r/hmmm – It’s basically a dumping ground where I don’t take things very seriously, but the community is other music producers and artists posting ideas they are working on.

SPOTIFY: I use distrokid for spotify and all other platforms – I don’t mess with playlist submissions or anything. I just let it be.

LINKTREE: I have my linktree included on any profile/about/bio I have so everything is interconnected and less friction as possible for a new fan to experience my work in whatever way they want.

Sorry this was long, but I figured people who follow this blog might get some insights from it. Keep going, make awesome music, and know that I’m rooting for all of you!


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